F.a.q. - about unroot.

Unroot your android device easily and in a safely way,


What is unroot?

When Your device is rooted you have all the privileges of a premium user in your device, that allow you to change your telephone or tablet firmware, remove the pre-installed apps of the companies or install what you want in your device. The only danger for a non advanced user is to install malware allowing all the access to the device. If you aren’t an advanced Android user or you don’t want to keep changing your device you should stay unroot because of safety. If you need to repair your device you can lost the guarantee if the phone or tablet is rooted.

How do I know if I’m root or unroot?

Usually the brand new Android devices are unrooted so if you have not done the root process you are unrooted. If you want to be sure you can download Root Checker, a free app from the Play Store, run it and press “Verify root” and you can learn if your device is or isn’t rooted.

Should I unroot my device?

If you already have your device rooted and you want to take it to repair you should make an unroot before. If your mobil or tablet is brand new root and you are not an Android advanced user you can unroot it and gain in safety but lose the advantages of being root.

How can I do it?

Search in our homepage for the model of your Android device, follow the steps of one of the unroot methods we suggest and you will be quickly unroot.

Are the data (images, videos,…) erased when I do the unroot?

No, root or unroot is an internal process so you don’t loose any data or app.

Can I lose my phone contacts?

No, you can’t lose your contacts even but its recommended to synchronize your phone contacts with g-mail to keep them safe in case of any problem, although make an unroot is 100% safe if you follow a few simple steps that we explain in this web.

How I know the Android version of my device?

You should go to “Settings” in your smartphone or tablet and then “System information”.

Do an unroot is dangerous?

No, unroot does not entail any danger if you follow the proper steps, is fast and easy and you can root and unroot as many times as necessary.