Which is better, being root or unroot?

When to root or unroot our android device.

android root

Being root on your device means that we have the absolute control of our Smartphone or Tablet. For a basic use of the device, it is advisable to have it unrooted for security reasons. These devices usually come rooted by default.

What is the purpose of being root?

The advantages of being root are endless. For example, the performance of your device can be improved by installing personalised ROMs for android. We can also delete unwanted applications installed by your mobile network carrier and installing the latest improved updates with no need to wait for the manufacturer (as sometimes they do not even launch any update).

Am I root, when to unroot?

If your device is rooted and needs to be brought to the SAT it is advisable to unroot it before, as when performing a root on your device, your warranty is lost. If you plan to update your device with the latest manufacturer’s updates, it is advisable to unroot your device as it may give some errors. After your update, you can proceed to root again your device.

Otherwise, if you wish to continue with your unrooted device, or if it is already rooted, you can unrooted and be more protected against malware applications.