The most used methods to unroot your android device.

Unroot in an easy and quick method, not even 5 minutes with free apps.


There are lots of methods to unroot your Android device on internet. However, some of these are complex and hard for a user without a solid computing background. Let alone putting your device at risk. Therefore in Howunroot, we have chosen the most simple, safe and quick methods.

The best options to unroot our device 100% safely and free in less than 2 minutes are: SuperSu software/App that can be downloaded on Play Store. For this app, you need to connect your device to a computer via USB. Another option is to unroot it manually deleting your files ofrom your phone or tablet.

To know which is the best method for your device, go to the main page search for your brand and model of your telephone and follow a simple step-by-step tutorial to unroot it.